Bee Winners

On Friday, December 16th, Shuford Elementary held its annual School Spelling Bee 🐝that included 18 students, 2 students from each class in grades 3rd through 5th, that included their individual class' winner and runner-up. We are so proud of all of this year's participants.

This year's Bee lasted 33 Rounds and ended with the championship word, roulette, which was spelled correctly by the 3-Time School Spelling Bee Winner, Ms. Tiffany Liu, a 5th-grade student from Mrs. White's class.

Tiffany, pictured above, will continue on to the District's Spelling Bee on January 27th, along with 4 other students that will represent Shuford as the Top 5 Spellers.

The Top 5 Shuford students that will continue on the District Bee include:

  1. Tiffany Liu, School Spelling Bee Winner
  2. Elizabeth Elkins, School Spelling Bee Runner-Up
  3. Mira White
  4. Selena James
  5. Caden Glover

Top 5 Shuford Spellers (back row), Tiffany Liu, Elizabeth Elkins, Mira White, (front row), Caden Glover, and Selena James.

Congratulations again to all of our spellers, but a special Shuford Shout-out to our Bee Winner and all of our Top 5 spellers! We cannot wait to see you compete again in January! 🦉💙💛