World Changer of the Week


“Ms. Palmer is a world changer because of her selfless attitude & kindness. She’s eager to help with whatever I need, does an awesome job in 1st grade, & helps in any way she can in the building. My kiddos & I love having her as a part of our class family"

- Ms. Forbes


“Ms. Forbes is a world changer because she works hard each day to meet her students’ needs, collaborates with her grade level & helps plan fun, engaging activities. She shows her students it’s okay to make mistakes & asks for help when needed. Thank you for all you do!"

- Mrs. Bartlett


“Mrs. Bartlett is a world changer because she goes above & beyond to ensure the wellbeing of all students & staff. She creates an environment where everyone feels welcome & valued. She leads with a kind heart & her passion shows each day. Her support doesn't go unnoticed."

- Ms. Helton


“Ms. Helton is a world changer because she took on the role of teaching 5th mid-year. She transitioned into the position smoothly & is always uplifting & positive to her students. She continues to learn & grow as a BT. I can't wait to see her passion for teaching grow!"

- Ms. Yang

G. Yang

"Ms. G. Yang is a world changer because she loves her students & it shows. She’s awesome at what she does & it is so hard to believe this is her first year teaching. She’s always wearing a smile, no matter what, & always finds a way to make me laugh. It is a joy to work along side of her.”

- Ms. Davis


“Ms. Davis is a world changer because she took on her new position as a TA so well. Even though I miss her tremendously in the cafeteria, she is a wonderful TA. She’s a hard worker & would do anything to help anyone. The students and staff love her!”

- Mrs. Parker


“Mrs. Parker is a world changer because she is a role model in our school, always has a positive attitude, & a smiling face. She’s always flexible & willing to help teachers in anyway she can. She is always positive interacting with students around the school & in the lunch line.”

- Mrs. Higdon


“Mrs. Higdon is a world changer because she is always willing to step up in order to do what's best for all students, not just her own. She is a lifelong learner who always pushes herself to learn new strategies to help students. It has been a joy watching her grow as a BT.”

- Ms. Bryan


“Ms. Bryan is a world changer because she’s taken on the role of BTBuddy Teacher earnestly. She’s there anytime I need her & supports me. Her smile & laugh are contagious throughout all of 3rd-grade. She’s a cheerleader for teachers & students, and I couldn't be happier to have her as a teammate."

- Ms. Almanza


“Ms. Almanza is a world changer because she has jumped into teaching with both feet & is soaring! You would never know that she is a BT or new to Shuford. Her smile & laugh are infectious & I could not be more thrilled that she joined the Shuford family! The students & us are all lucky to have you!”

- Ms. Rozzelle


“Ms. Rozzelle is a world changer because she has stepped into the role of AP seamlessly. She supports teachers everyday & has a positive impact on both staff & students. She's always willing to do what it takes to get a job done! She's smart, organized, & funny. I enjoy working with her!"

- Mrs. Baucom


“Mrs. Baucom is a world changer because she is an amazing team member & brings wealth of knowledge about all things Shuford, the content we teach & organization is admirable! I love bouncing ideas off her on ways to deliver content & help our students grow. She always seeks to do what it takes!"

- Mrs. Gullick


“Mrs. Gullick is a world changer because she is a wonderful teacher, strives to give her students not only the best education but to also be there for them as a friend, counselor & mentor. She supports Shuford, our staff & her community. She is helpful, caring, & always a good listener."

- Mrs. Balis


Mrs. Balis is a world changer because she is always present at Shuford. Whether it’s teaching 5th grade or filling in for PE & EC, she is always willing to jump in & help wherever she is needed. She has a servant's heart & I have enjoyed working with her. Students & staff love her. "

- Ms. Waddell


“Ms. Waddell is a world changer because she has taken the lead for 2 BT's & is always willing to help! She has so much on her plate & handles it all with a smile on her face while making it look easy! She is a great teacher & her students love her. I want to be a teacher like her when I grow up!"

- Mrs. Yandle


"Mrs. Yandle is a world changer for taking the next step of becoming a teacher and achieving her goal after many years of being a TA. I am so proud of her!"

- Ms. Gibson


"Ms. Gibson is a world changer because she is always willing to help anyway she can. She is always working with students to become better readers and achieve their math goals. I’m thankful for her and the help she gives to each of us daily.”

- Ms. Tester


“Ms.T is a world changer because she is an incredible asset to our school. She has been so helpful by sharing her time with my class and helping to make sure my students get all they need. I am so appreciative of all that she does!”

- Ms. O'Keefe


"Ms. O’Keefe is a world changer because she has been incredibly helpful in my transition to Shuford this year. She is always willing to help and it is so appreciated. I’m so thankful I get to work with her each day!”

- Ms. Smyre


“Ms. Smyre has come into our Shuford family this year & is a perfect match. She works hard, creates positive relationships with her students & is always a smiling face. Her dedication & positive attitude is something we can all admire. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with her this year"

- Mrs. Dobbins


“Mrs. Dobbins welcomed me into the Shuford family when I started last year. She gives her whole💙 into what she's doing in the classroom & now in PE. She's made the transition wonderfully & my kids love PE (even more than normal) as she continues to grow & learn in her new position."

- Mrs. Whiteheart


Not only did Mrs. Whiteheart welcome me back into 1st grade this year, she also welcomed a student teacher. She truly has a heart of gold, always has a smile on her face & is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Her positive attitude has helped me be a better person at work!"

- Mrs. Lingle


“Mrs. Lingle is an all around person. She is full of energy & loves teaching. She is well loved not only by her students but by parents & her colleagues. Her presence will bring a smile to anyone's face & if you need a good laugh, she will give you one. Thank you for being you!"

- Mrs. Hickman


“First, Mrs. Hickman has to deal with me daily, but she also has a heart of gold & will jump in & help with anything. She’s one of a kind & I could not do it without her. I'm blessed to call her a co-worker and FRIEND! We go together like Bonnie & Clyde, Thank you for being my support system!"

- Ms. Bumgarner


“Ms. Bumgarner has the best sense of humor. The world always needs more laughter, & she always makes everyone laugh & brings the fun to work. Bum does so much for everyone & has such a beautiful compassionate heart. She gives her all at everything she does & the faculty & students love her!"

- Mrs. Sierra

Mrs. Sierra

“Mrs. Sierra has the kind of positive energy the world needs. Her smile can brighten up anyone's day & her laugh is contagious! She does not give herself enough credit but does an amazing job. It is no surprise the kids love her! She has made a huge difference here & we are lucky to have her!"

- Ms. Yang


"Ms. Yang is such a creative & inspiring educator. She is always willing to help others, & her technology skills are to be admired. She holds her students to high standards, & guides them on their way. She makes everyone feel included with her kindness & positive attitude."

- Ms. McCarthy

Ms. McCarthy

“Ms. McCarthy always goes above & beyond to make her students feel loved & welcome in her classroom. She works hard to build strong relationships with each of her students & that strong foundation allows her to meet all of her students' needs & challenge them to reach their potential".

- Mrs. Caldwell


“Mrs. Caldwell is a world changer because she is an amazing teacher who is dedicated to the success of all of her students and is always willing to go above and beyond to help out her colleagues."

- Ms. Spears


"Ms. Spears is a world changer because she always holds her students to high Shuford standards and has built a great class community! Each time I walk into her room, her students are engaged and participating in her lessons. She always has a smile on her face and shares a positive energy". with he

- Ms. Beebe

Ms. Beebe

"Ms. Beebe is a world changer starting her career here at Shuford, with dedication to our students & excitement and enthusiasm to motivate her students to make great gains, and be the best they can be."

- Mrs. Powell

Mrs. Powell

“Nadine is such an incredible and dedicated Speech Language Pathologist. She is committed to serving our students with love and fidelity. She's a wonderful colleague and Shuford is blessed to have her!”

- Mrs. Hilton

Mrs. Hilton

“Mrs. Hilton is always willing to lend a hand and shares her positive energy with the staff and students at Shuford Elementary School. She greets her students in the hallways and builds a positive learning environment in the classroom. Mrs. Hilton is a world changer at Shuford Elementary!”

- Mr. Morrow

Mr. Morrow

"Mr. Morrow is a world changer because he greets the children and staff every morning with a smile and an upbeat, positive attitude. He is always willing to help with moving furniture or anything that needs a little ‘man’ power.”"

- Ms. Claudette & Theresa

Custodial Staff

"Ms. Claudette & Ms. Theresa have gone above and beyond getting our school ready for open house and the first day. They've been cleaning constantly, replacing ceiling tiles, and moving so much furniture, and they do it all with smiles! We couldn't have started this school year without them!"

- Mrs. King

Mrs. King

Mrs. King spent part of her summer preparing for the new school year through the Shuford Academy. This alone took many days of work & she also spent several days setting up her classroom as soon as she could. She did all of this while moving to a new state and raising a family."

- Ms. Sauceda

Ms. Sauceda

Ms. Sauceda is an extraordinary example of how world changers make a commitment to improve the world around them. She is our first World Changer of the Week because she exemplifies excellence. She made a commitment to “genrefy” the media center & has worked all summer to make it happen.

- Ms. Clemons