Book Blast Event

📚 On Monday, we will kick off our Books are Fun-Book Blast, a school-wide book drive unlike any other. This literacy initiative helps our students build their home libraries while helping the school get more books and supplies. No matter what, this program ensures all the students at the school will take home at least one new, fun, age-appropriate book for their home libraries. However, with the help of the community, friends, and family, students can earn up to 10 books!

📖How does this all work? Students send invitations to friends and family members to help them reach their goal of taking home all ten books on their grade-level list. So, if you receive an invitation from a student you know, please click on the link in the invitation and help that child by contributing on their personal contribution page. 100% of the contributions they receive go towards the books on their book list, and then they help other students who need books, too. Any remaining contributions after every student earns all ten books will go toward more books for the school and classroom supplies. Let’s help Shuford Elementary School reach its goal of every student taking home all ten books!

📖 If you know of a business or community organization that would like to help all students take home more books, they can contribute at