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Shuford Elementary School
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Welcome to Elementary Music

As the elementary music teacher for Newton-Conover City Schools, I rotate between the three elementary schools of the district--South Newton, Ntorth Newton and Shuford. I spend approximately 11 weeks at each school. During that time, our students learn skills, in singing, playing instruments, and creating music.
Our kindergarten and 1st graders learn to sing in tune with a group, play classroom instruments, and the basics of rhythm. We focus on age appropriate songs including patriotic, folk, and holiday music. 
In 2nd grade, our students learn about the different families of instruments and how they make music. This coordinates with the sound unit they have in science. We also learn songs from around the world.
In 3rd grade, our students begin learning to read the lines and spaces of the treble clef staff by playing Boomwhackers, Boomwhackers are plastic tubes that produce different sound according to their length. We continue to sing songs form around the world.
in 4th grade our students learn to play recorders. In doing this, they must use the notation reading skills we began in 3rd grade, the rhythm skills learned in younger grades, and add in how to put it all together with fingers to make music on a wind instrument. 
In 5th grade, our students study African drumming. We also allow students to create their own rhythms in a game we call "Question of the Day". We also continue singing, and are sometimes able to play drums and sing at the same time on a song.