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Shuford Elementary School
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Parent Advisory

Shuford Elementary Parent Advisory Council/Town Hall

The Parent Advisory Committee to the School will replace PTO and is comprised of two  representatives from each grade level. However, the meetings are open to all school families and will take place once every quarter. 

Members work together to:

*identify common needs and goals among parents and school staff and help facilitate strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of student learning.

*provide the Principal with feedback and insight from the parent’s perspective regarding school processes, policies and initiatives to ensure the needs of parents and families are addressed during the decision making process.

*to make certain the principal is aware of existing and emerging concerns parents have 

*serve in an advisory capacity, not as a decision-making body, able to make recommendations, encourage brainstorming and provide opportunities for parent involvement

*Reduction of Fundraisers – All fund raising efforts will be managed by the school. Each elementary school will have only two fundraisers per year (Fall and Spring).

*Allow for better Principal/Parent Communication of school needs, values and goals.

*Provide parents a more open and less intimidating environment to share their concerns.

*Ensure meetings are truly focused on academic priorities.

Volunteer forms will continue to be managed and organized by each grade level. Teachers will have room parents to help facilitate classroom volunteers. School Priority Committees will be responsible for working to secure school wide volunteers.​

Would you like to help out with our school's activities?  If so, please fill out the form below and return to school.

The Parent Advisory collects Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education